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Feb 8, 2015

I just had a very negative experience selling a firearm on here and it will likely prevent me from selling additional ones in the future. It's not my style to dime people out for disagreements (so I'll refrain unless he tries to come after me), but I'd encourage people to take heed of their gut feelings.

Mine told that the guy buying my rifle was several things including but not limited to: 1) Bad at math and understanding the values of items to be traded (in this case a Weatherby Mark V topped with Leupold LPS [I admit fault, I thought it was a VX3... he got a more expensive scope than I had initially believed] with around 30 lbs of brass, bullets, dies, and a Harris bipod in exchange for a discontinued Razor spotting scope and $350 [of note, he never confirmed my suspicion that it was the discontinued model, but dodged the question]). 2) A cheapskate who is eager to nickle-and-dime me at every turn (after accepting a significantly lower $ amount than I was comfortable with, I asked him to cover shipping... he agreed to pay $15 for everything, which covered about 30% of my cost). While I should have walked away from the deal at this point, I told my wife I would downsize and didn't want to keep the rifle for another month because of a relatively small amount of $. 3) A perpetual victim and one of the most annoying people in the world. He was incredibly needy and wouldn't stop texting me and reveling in what a good deal he was getting. If this had been anything other than text messages I would have walked away. If they had been phone calls, I would have filed a harassment complaint with the police.

Then my rifle got to him... He immediately complained that I had misidentified the scope as one that cost nearly $300 less and that the rifle had blemishes he wasn't expecting (we never discussed condition, only round count... when you're knowingly screwing someone, it's poor form to ask how bad it hurts. To his credit he recognized that in the beginning). At this point he demanded I give him back $50 or we trade back. Had this guy been less of an incorrigible d-bag, I would have happily given him some money back, but at this point my patience was thoroughly exhausted. Additionally, I recognized the above as a moronic negotiating tactic perpetuated by a ham-fisted idiot who thinks himself clever and who had misidentified my willingness to get screwed once for someone who is eager to get boned over and over again.

Needless to say, I called his bluff and told him I'd be more than happy to trade back. Pouting, he whined about the cost of shipping and demanded I pay it and his FFL fees. Seeing an opportunity to make him look like a @$$, I told him I'd give him the $15 he gave me to cover shipping. For the next hour or so he whined about how his feeling were hurt and how giving him money was the honest thing to do. Since my experience over the past week had thoroughly demonstrated that this guy hadn't the slighted comprehension of honesty, I blocked him.

In short, if you get the feeling the person you're dealing with is a pain, or someone you don't want to get a beer with -- tell 'em to f off and keep you stuff until you meet someone who wants it and doesn't suck.



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