Need to ID a FN action


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Oct 26, 2006
I have an FN action that I am trying to find out more info on.

FN action-made in belgium on the left side
proof marks on the left side by the front ring
no SN or other marks on the round part of the ring
only other numbers are in front of the mag well on the flat behind the recoil lug, 699
verticle wing type safety
bent, swept bolt that appears factory with a proof mark of some kind at the 90 deg mark
no thumb slot cut out
underside of bolt flattened and checkered

now the wierd part

The trigger is two parts, there is a part attached to the action and then sticks down about .700 from the bottom of the action. The other part is attached to the bottom metal with a pivot pin just in front of the trigger. The overall shape of the trigger is a 1.5" long J with the trigger shoe at one end and the other part runs almost to the back of the magazine box. That contacts the part from the bottom of the action to form the sear............ really wierd, to me at least.

It looks like I can ditch the two piece setup and just replace the top part with a mauser timney trigger and be fine. I just didn't know what "make" of FN did the wierd stuff with the trigger.

Thanks for any ID help.


May 12, 2012
Your rifle is most likely a JC Higgens Model 50 sold by Sears. I used a 50 to convert to a 338 WM for my elk rifle and it has the "FN Action-Made in Belgium" on the left side of the receiver. I'll give you $300 for it right now. No better action to use for a custom rifle. The trigger was the FN design,similar to the original pre 64 M70. You can easily replace it with a Timney.
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