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Aug 31, 2003
I have a custom rifle coming in from Remington's Custom shop in about 2 weeks and I want to have it Ackley Improved and Cryofroze as soon as I get it. I do not have a custom gunsmith in my area that I'm comfortable with, to work on this it looks like I'm going to have to send it out somewhere. Could any of you guys recommend a good gunsmith to send it to? Thanks in advance for any input.
Where are you from we may know a custom smith that is in your state or close by I use Dwight Scott for my barrels he is in MI 45 min from my house. But Dwight is one of the best BR smiths in the country

Crow Mag
The DC metro area...The WV panhandle, now, to be specific. I really want someone good, to work on it. This is the most expensive rifle that I have bought to date, so I don't mind paying to make sure it's done right. Thanks!
I can recommend Dwight Scott He can rechamber the rifle for you Dwight doesn't do the Cryofreze thing. The last barrel he did for me has shot excellent for me. I had it chambered for long range varmint hunting and since have taken up 1000 yard competition. The chambering is for a 6.5-284 Kreiger barrel on an old Hart A1 action. I shot a 3.666 inch group in Quantico and a 4.0? in Ohio and at the nationals in Quantico a 4.6? with a rifle that was made to shoot live Varmints. I have a barrel being chambered this week by Dwight another 6.5-284 for my HG and will be getting 2 LG barrels this winter. Dwight's # is 1-517-663-1750
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One of best 1k gunsmiths is right next to you in Boyce VA. John Myer, Custom Gunsmithing. (540) 837-2598

Knows wildcats and Ack improved guns very well. Has most of the reamers and go/no go guages. He build many of the top 1k guns and is active competitor.

Can chamber up to 44" barrels up to 1.875 in diameter and has own cryo shop.


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