Need Information

Feb 13, 2011

Hi All
I joined the website yesterday, its a great website, very educational and informative.
i am from South Africa, KZN, a town called Richardsbay.
I am interested in Long Range Hunting and want to gain all the Knowledge i can, and likewise share all that i know with all you guys out there.

I inherited a Mauser Obendorf Rifle 7.9x57mm , a real war horse and a
.303 Rifle - BSA. another war horse.
both the rifles are in safe keeping till the licences arrive, and i Never shot them yet.
both the rifles are still original and not sporterised .

my BIG questions : Can they be used for LONG RANGE HUNTING ?

Whats the Max. distance can these Rifles do For A Long Range Kill.
kind regards
Hope to hear from you guys
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