Need help w/Scope selection


Jan 10, 2003
Albuquerque, NM
Looking for advice on what scope to choose. I have a Howa 1500 in .223 w/heavy SS bull barrel and synthetic stock. Will be doing bench and varmit to 300yds w/occasional shots to 600.
What brand and type should I get. The shop I got the gun from is suggesting a Sightron mil dot 4.5x12 or 16 w/30mm lens.
How much money do you want to spend on your scope?
This is usually the deciding factor as with optics, you get what you pay for. I have a Leupold 4.5-14x50 on my .223 and it works well for the same purpose you mentioned.The Sightron is not a bad choice, in its price range---Weaver V series scopes are also good for the money. Chrck your budget and see what fits--then post a few for us mull over and give you the pros and cons ---the guys here won't steer you wrong....
looking at Burris Signature 4x-16x Model #200767, Leupold VarX-II 4-12, Sightron Mil dot SII 416x42MD, Tasco world class DWCP416X44

Other suggestions welcomed for scopes under $500.
I like the Leopold 4.4-14x50 Chris has.
Way too many problems with Burris customer service and quality problems for me to buy one right now.

Natchezss has good prices on the Leopold too.
S1--for applications similar to what nwcook describes plus deer and antelope to 400 yards or so, what would you recommend between the Weaver Grand Slam 6-20 and the Bushnell Elite 4200 6-24 for a 25-06? Do the target turrets on the Elite give it an advantage, or increase it, if it already had one?
It won't take long to see my liking for Bausch&Lomb Elite scopes. The 6X24 4200, or 4000 if you can find them, provide excellent optics, reliable and repeatable turrents, excellent customer service, and very reasonable pricing.

For the "short" range stuff, this is an excellent scope. The scope only has 26min of elevation adjustment so you may have to use Burris Sig rings to adjust. Chances are you won't have to do anything.

Burris would be my next choice but since most models do not come with turrents, aftermarket ones would have to be added. For a few, they will add turrents to almost any scope at the factory. My recent experience with Burris Customer service was very good.

Don't be afraid to consider used in good condition. All of the larger, reputable companies offer lifetime warranties even if you are not the orig. owner. This way you can afford an "expensive" scope and know that if anything goes wrong, it will be serviced for free. In general, used scopes are half their retail price.

So you could buy a "$800 to 900 scope retail" and stay within your budget. Definitely look for target turrents with 1/4 MOA adjusments. The 1/8 MOA may be a little fine for your distances.

Enjoy your new toy...

Thanks. I had just finished researching that model today and liked what I read. That's a great price and I have raised my spending limits due to all the posts I read about investing now in better optics to start with.
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