Need help choosing!!


Nov 13, 2001
Kalispell Montana
Hello all,Im having a problem deciding which of these two cartridges to pick from ,Im hell bent on one or the other.This gun of mine I want to be pretty much the only one gun that ill ever need for all of north America they are the 300 RUM or the 338 RUM
I was wondering which of these two calibers would give me the best service in your opinion,I live in Montana where hunters often get very long shots.Thanks for your time and answers ahead of time .WJK
I'd lean toward the 300 RUM if I were going for one gun. Like WyoWhisper states, there are a lot of bullets to choose from for the 30 caliber, far more than available for the 338. Get it twisted to use the long bullets like the 240 Sierra or other custom high BC bullets and I believe you'll be set for any distance.

I have a 338 RUM and use the 300 Sierra, it's the only one with a good BC that I can fire through the rifle. (It's got custom polygonal rifling and probably won't do well with alloy bullets like Barnes or Lost River.) The 338 RUM does have a fair bit of recoil with the heavy bullets and some shooters may not appreciate the thumping.
I am having the same dilema as we speak. I have spoke to many who have the 338 RUM and it kicks like mad mule, especially if you load the heavy bullets. I live in Wyo. and I too will have some very l o n g shots ( thats why I'm building the new gun ) I have to admit I am leaning towards the 300 RUM with 240 gr. SMK's Plus there are lotsa other bullets to choose from in the 30 cal.
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