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SOLD/EXPIRED Need 375 Ultra Brass


Are you looking for extra or are you in dire need of it? I have 130-150 rounds of new brass for my .375RUM, that I don't shoot, but I would like to keep. If your in dire need of it I'd let you have some though. It seems like Remington can't be bothered to make .338 or .375RUM brass anymore. I have some factory once fired .300RUM brass as well if you want to neck it up.

Im not in dire need yet. But i will be soon. My primer pockets have become pretty loose. Im going to back my powder down a little. If you would sell 50 id take them. But if you would rather not ill keep looking or explore the possibility of necking 300ultra brass up.
I have a few pieces of once fired. Not many, like 10 or so. Wanna swap around for something? I need some 300 rum or 338 rum or I have lots of other stuff I could use. Shoot me a pm if you have any interest and I'll go and find them.

Mike 300 Rum brass will work in a pinch, you just end up with shorter necks. Didn't measure the difference but they still work. I used a 338 Rum die first then the 375 die. I use plenty of Imperial wax also. Dave

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