need 1000 yrd ranges


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Sep 5, 2009
I have this software on excel from pejsa... its FBC-v3

Simplified ballistic table for supersonic trajectories

Anyone know how to get the range out to 1000 yards with 25yard increments? it seems to end at 650 and the range card goes to 625
It's in Excel so just highlight the bottom row and drag down as far as you'd like. I have the same software and have taken it to 1500 yards. Hope this helps.
its says its protected, Im not excel savy either! is it possible you email your version to me?
Yeah I can email you mine. I have it set up for my Leupold so it's in IPHY and not MOA. You can change it to whatever you need.

To unprotect the sheet just go to "Review" and then select unprotect.
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