NBT's for mule deer??


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Sep 25, 2002
NBT\'s for mule deer??

OK,..I am headed to Wyoming in Oct for a mulie/lope combo hunt. I have DRT'd a mess of whitetail at 400+yds,..with no uncertainty as to the NBT's performance from my 7mm mag (150gr). I know the lope will provide little resistance for this bullet,...but what about a mature mule deer buck? I don't wan't to wound my game with poor bullet choice,..hence this inquiry. Is my favorite hunting bullet going to take care of me out west this year,..or do the dies have to come out and some tougher pills need to be sent downrange?

Re: NBT\'s for mule deer??

I don't see any problem with them as my self and my neighbor have used them without any problems on AZ muledeer. He has put down 2 cow elk with them at 150-200yds using the 150 NBT going 3500fps out of a 1-15" twist 300 Weatherby. Now meat destruction is another thing.
Re: NBT\'s for mule deer??

I have not had a mulie go too far after hitting it with a 165bt from my 300 Win Mag, I don't see the 7 mag being any different. Shot placement is still the key - with whatever rifle is used. Just don't hit the spine or shoulder at close range, unless you want a big mess! If you are concerned about the Ballistic Tip not being tough enough, then use the Accubond. Do a search on the Accubond and you will see that those that have used them like them, and they have a really good BC.

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Re: NBT\'s for mule deer??


If this will help I was faced with a similar concern a few years ago when I wanted to take my Sendero 300wm to South Africa. I shoot 165 NBT's and a friend tried to talk me out of takeing it. I didn't listen and the NBT's worked flawlessly. My confidence in this rig allowed me to take some nice trophies. All one shot kills, even the Gemsbuck piled up from a head on 300yd shot. I stayed off the shoulder because they can make a mess and damage capes.
Re: NBT\'s for mule deer??

Last Year, a fellow who was hunting with me in Wyoming shot a mulie buck with his .243 and a BT. He hit it almost mid-body quartering away. Blew the crap out of the lungs and the thing died 50 yards later.

Meat damage is an issue!

Try Barnes XLC's if your gun shoots them.
Re: NBT\'s for mule deer??

I shot a large dall ram with a 150 NBT at 275 yards (MV was 3100 FPS) He was hit square in the shoulder and the bullet completely destroyed the impact shoulder I lost 90% of the edible meat of that shoulder. He hit the ground instantly and didny so much as twitch.

IMHO, any othe bullet going that fast most likely would have destroyed the shoulder anyway.

A large dall ram is similar in size to a mulie buck. Give em a try.
Re: NBT\'s for mule deer??

WEll depends on where you're hunting.. The mountain Mulies tend to be a bt bigger bodied.. some go well over 250 lbs... then I would consider a different bullet ( maybe) other wise you should be fine.. the only issue I have seen with nosler BT's is that on occasion if you have too much speed... and hit a shoulder blade or rib.. the explode but I have seen this rarely...
Re: NBT\'s for mule deer??

Dude, trust me, unless you are trying to make a "texas heart shot", the 150 BT will be fine. I have seen my dad shoot plenty of big deer with them from 50 to 469 yards (lazered) and they all went less then 20 yards. If you hit them in the butt, it won't matter what bullet you are using-it will still be a poor hit. Use them with the utmost confidence, especially if they shoot great in your rifle. Heck I've used 100 and 115 grain NBT's in my .25-06 IMP for years and never had one not work as designed. Little entrance hole and one about the size of a walnut on the off side.
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Out of a 7mm mag with a 150gr B-Tip you are probably getting 3000 fps at best you will not have any problem with that bullet it is designed for long range shots I have hit some pretty big whitetails with the 140gr B-Tip at ranges from 20 yards to 400 and never had a problem and that bullet was going 3426 fps out of my 7mm STW. As for meat damage if you hit the shoulder bone with any bullet it is going to be toast, Bone fragments do alot of the damage but I guess it really does not matter to me I take what I can off the shoulder I know before hand if I take that shot not to expect alot of meat from it.
Re: NBT\'s for mule deer??

Of all the mule deer I have shot or have seen shot, I don't think they have quite the "zest for life" that their whitetail cousins do. Both when fleeing from predators or after being shot. Maybe it's just been chance that the mule deer I've seen go down seem to give up easier then do whitetails. Either way, I don't think they are any "tougher" to kill.

As a side note, it is kind funny to see the small differences in body structure between the two when your field dressing them. Let's hope you get that oppertunity!
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thanks gents. I avoid taking that shoulder shot (unless it is a trophy) and then,..who cares about a lost shoulder. I just have no experience with how tough, or not, a mature mule deer is,..and didn't want to carry the wrong bullet. I have a great affection for the NBT as it has never let me down in a hunting situation.
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I too really like BTs and use the 100gr BT in my 6.5x55 with confidence on our fallow which are large whitetail sized.

No doubt the 150BT will work well but you might consider the new 139gr Hornady Interbond not because of any lack of performance from the BT but because it is lighter and hence faster and has a better or the same BC (around 0.5) A friend of mine has shot around 15 red stags and hinds with them (about the same body weight as a mule deer) and they are superlative showing an ability to expand well and yet hold together.

So no need but you might just try them... Have a good trip.
Re: NBT\'s for mule deer??

I have taken a 500 lb. Russian Boar and some White-tails in the 240 lb. range w/ the NBTs out of a 7mm Rem Mag. I shot the Boar w/ a 150 grner, he dropped at impact. I have shot several deer w/ the 150s and 140s. I have never seen a deer run more than 25 yards after being shot w/ a NBT. The NBTs are GREAT and they have never failed me yet so, I intend on using them for quite a while.

The NBTs have great BCs and are very accurate too.

They should be more than adequate for Mulies.

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