My new DPG / Savage .338 Norma is finished!

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    Howdy Gang,

    I just finished up assembling my new Savage .338 Norma and thought I would share a picture and some specs. The receiver work, barreled action, and black finish was completed by Lorenzo at Deadly Precision Gunsmithing out of Utah. The stock finishing, bedding, inletting and final assembly was done by me, first time doing all of this on my own. I will post groups and load data once I get a chance to head to the range, as a side note I am planning on working up loads with the .300 Grain Berger hybrid bullets, CCI primers, and using either H-1000 or Retumbo for powders. Feedback is always appreciated, thanks!

    Rifle Specifications:

    Trued and timed Savage action with factory DBM bottom metal, started life as a model 111 LRH chambered in .338 Lapua.

    Fluted 28" Stainless Hart heavy contour barrel, 1:10 twist rate, chambered to .338 Norma.

    Timed Schuler 5-port muzzle brake.

    Spiral fluted bolt by PPR and lightened tactical bolt knob off of Savage 110 BA.

    Stockade Stocks bolt lift kit and recoil lug.

    Wolfe 36 pound firing pin spring.

    Polished Savage Accutrigger set to break like glass at 2.5 pounds pull weight.

    Heavily modified Richard's Microfit prone style stock with pillars, glass bedding and satin oil finish.

    1" Pachmayer Decelerator recoil pad.

    Leupold Vari X-III 6.5-20x50mm long range scope with M1 knobs, LRT Reticle, Leupold 4" sunshade, and lens covers.

    Farrel One piece 20 MOA scope base, and Leupold Mark 4 medium height rings.

    Wheeler anti-cant bubble level.

    Harris swivel 6"-9" swivel bipod with pod-lock.

    Rifle's weight is exactly 15 pounds.


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