Murphy's Law $%^&*^%$#$%^


Mar 23, 2003
Murphy\'s Law $%^&*^%$#$%^

Just wanted to let everyone know, that Murphy's Law prevailed again! My web site is finally up and working. We were hosted by a company called Feature Price..... please note the WERE! They went broke and just pulled the plug on their 65,000 accounts including mine (even though it was prepaid for a year!!!!) This happened around the end of May and it took several weeks to just be able to recover my domain name. Lost all of the site content, so pretty well had to start from scratch, What a headache!!!! Did learn one thing though, if you use a hosting service, make sure you have ownership of your domain name. Anyway... to make a long story short, If you tried to check out my site and it would not open for you please try again. I did not go out of business, am still making and selling the "DeadEye Precision Scope Leveler" , in fact have a couple of new items you may want to check out.
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