Mule deer

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    Mar 7, 2011
    will trade a private ranch mule deer hunt here in WA for a california or texas auodad hunt. I would like to do this hunt for two people each way.
    Open to anything else that sounds fun.
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    WAC M TRAC M Active Member

    Nov 2, 2011
    I live in the heart of the TX hill country. I have 5000 acers of private hunting land for wild hogs, turkey and very elusive white tails with occasional fallow,axis and audad. Our bucks dont grow big here 120's but they are a challange to hunt and are unique. Small bodied deer. I mainly bow hunt and am set up for it but also have 3 gun blinds that are just covered up with deer. This destination is very woman friendly with vineyards, local shopping and bed and breakfests.

    I have bowhunted this area so long I finally just got my fill. I recently purchase a long range rifle and now want a big mule deer. Hunted CO this season and saw lots of bucks but little tiny ones. I ate my tag in
    Want a decent sized mule deer doesnt have to be 190 but decent. Would like to bring my brother as he is my hunting partner and we are tight like that, as you can bring one as well.

    I have tons of pics and can also arrange free lodging.