MTC10X Preliminary Match (F-class) (MI)

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    Mar 23, 2013
    MTC10X Preliminary Match
    Sat, May 4, 12am – Sun, May 5, 12am

    MTC KD Range

    MTC10X Long Range Competition – Open to the Public! Register Here: Marksmanship Training Center
    Dates: 4 May 2013 (MI FTR Team fundraiser)
    22 June 2013 (MI FTR Team fundraiser)
    20 July 2013
    10 August 2013
    7 September 2013 *
    28 September 2013 (Championship Invitational)
    Preliminary Fees: Non Member$50.00 Member$40.00 The MTC10X is a unique championship event for the traditional long range target competitor. The top shooters with the highest combined scores of 3 out of the 5 preliminary matches will be invited to the MTC10X Championship to compete for a 1st place $1,000.00 cash prize. +NRA’s F TR scoring and equipment rules apply. +20 rounds + 2 spotters / 20 minutes per heat. +Prizes for each preliminary date: –$100.00 1st place –Additional prizes may be awarded *18 of the preliminary’s top shooters will be invited to compete in the 28 Sept 2013 MTC10 Championship!