Most Accurate Factory Rifle Factory Ammo Combo


Jan 1, 2010
Which is the most accurate factory hunting ammo for your out of the box hunting rifle?

Ruger M77 270 put Remington 130gn PSP Core locks into a one inch group at 100 yards.
Factory Rifle: Ruger M77 MKII in .338 WM.


Factory Ammo: Hornady .225gr SST

For me it was the 700 5R 308 with Federal GMM 168 grain ammo. It would shoot any where from .25-.5 MOA all day every day. I cant really say that this was 'hunting' ammo but it worked at the time.

The other that stands out in my mind is a 700 VSSF in 308 that I sold. I had never ran factory ammo in it but when the buyer bought it he ran 150 Remington core-lokt ammo in it and put 5 rounds in a hole the size of a dime at 100 yards. Surgical scary.
Sako A7 in 270WSM. Shots the Winchester Supreme 140 gr AccuBond's the best. Best 3 shot group was .375" and best 5 shot group was .75". I've only tried 6 different factory loads from 130-150 grain though.

This rifle shot the Winchester branded ammo a lot better than the Federal Premium ammo though when compared with the same bullets. Maybe the rifle just liked the black Lubalox coating on the Winchester branded bullets better.
I have a mixed bag of factory and custom but I would have to say my best factory rifle with factory ammo would be my 300 WBY Mag Accumark with just about any 180gr ammo I have put thru it. It shoots 180's very well. Funny thing is this is the rifle I talk about selling more than any other I have. Go figure. lol
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