Montana Dis. 455 for elk????

Discussion in 'Elk Hunting' started by twintips16, Mar 13, 2013.

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    Mar 16, 2012
    Has anyone hunted this district before?

    I have been putting in for it for several years and have never drawn in. I have amassed 5 bonus points and looking back people tend to draw it on there 5 or 6 year in the past(just from the bonus point stats that FWP post).

    I know it is an extremely small zone (10 miles by 8 miles) and I was just looking to talk to someone thats hunted it.

    Every year i find my self fishing holter lake on the day before the season opener and all i see is horse trailer after horse trailer going to the trail head.

    Any comments?

    Has anyone heard of any Camping rules? ?

    My initial research spoke of back country camp sites. But i cant find a map with any shown. Are they not in a location that is feasible?

    I was always thinking of going in by boat and going up from the bottom. But i also have access to horses. I always thought that this might be a good plan as i could get dropped off on the shore and head in on the back side where there isn't a lot of access.

    But never talking to anyone that has hunted the area before, I am just pulling at what i can find and that isn't much.

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    Dec 20, 2008
    I never hunted the Beartooth WMA (Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks :: WMA Site Detail) but I helped a friend recover a 5x6 elk about 4 years ago. This year my friends and I put in for area as our first choice for elk and deer special permits. We're from Great Falls and about < 1 hour away.

    The good thing about the area is that, you can go back to the camp site for a lunch break and fish ... night fishing is also awesome. :D

    I've campout with my scout troop a few years ago, don't quote me but I think our scoutmaster made arrangement with the ranger for us to stay at the site but the water was shut off. I'll find out more to pass on later or you can try the POC/contact information on the link above.

    If we get drawn, we'll be scouting the area before archery season. Maybe we all get lucky and ran into each other. :cool:

    Good luck!