Monster Typical Muley in Meeker, CO


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Jul 19, 2020
Temple, TX
Hi everyone, been a member since earlier this year and have enjoyed many threads especially as the hunting season has progressed. I wanted to share my successful 4th season Muley hunt near Meeker, CO. It took me 10 years to draw this tag so I decided to go with an outfitter, Quentin Smith from QRS Outdoor Specialties and couldn't be happier with my decision. I'll keep it short and just say this is the 1st time I passed up on a mature buck (seven actually) before I dropped the hammer on my personal best. I would like to say it was a LR shot but he was so busy with the rut that we were able to get to within 170 yards so it wasn't a challenge for my 300 Wby Fibermark (a rifle I've owned for 29 years) shooting 150 gr SPs. I took him just over his right leg quartering toward me to the right and he went less than 20 yards downhill. It was neat to watch him for almost 20 minutes running back and forth between groups of does and fighting off smaller bucks. I tried to upload a short video but it didn't work. Cheers!


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Amen Whirlwindjml! I'm sitting on 10 elk points and hope I get drawn before the wolves beat me to them. At least the last thing I got from the CO DPW is that they have until the end of 2023 to "come up with a plan." Then who knows how long before the reintroduction begins...
HappyGVM, great buck! I know how you feel, I have ten bonus points for AZ. My last buck is my aviator. I really enjoy shooting long distance, however, I’ve never shot an animal over 300 yards. Maybe someday when my confidence gets better I’ll let the lead fly! Congrats on a great buck👍🏻