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Jul 21, 2009
Menan, Idaho
So here is what I know, I shoot a mil dot scope and 1 mil = 3.4 MOA at 100 yards wich also equals 3.6 inches more or less at 100 yards Correct??

My questions is does that relationship change at 200 yds the same way that 1 MOA at 200 equals 2 inches and 1 at MOA is 300 yds is 3 inches, wherefore does 1 mil at 300 yds equal 10.8 inches?

My question spurs from a hunting situation I had yesterday with a coyote I new his distances was 429 yds and i did not have time to adjust my MOA so I used hold over with my mils I just was not sure if I was doing it right. Yes I missed the coyote. I shot high about 6 inches according to my spotter.

Thanks for your help.:)
I'm gonna assume you were about 18" low at 430 yds. assuming an avg. trajectory. That's 4.2 SMOA (18/4.3). 4.2/3.6 = 1.2 mil holdover.

Assuming this trajectory to be ~correct (and assuming u were at the correct magnification for the mil subtensions to be correct at 3.6 IPHY) and u hit 6" high at 430 yds. then u're off by 0.4 mil (6/4.3/3.6=0.4).

Remember though--these calcs aren't done in the field. All this should be calcd. beforehand and put someplace for quick reference. Almost every ballistics program has drop in mils these days, so u don't often even have to calculate it.
Thanks for your help. I am shooting a 223 WSSM at 3880 FPS. I have made up a MOA range card just from the Hornady web site. But it does not have Mils as an option.
What Balistics program do you guys use and how much is it? do you use it on like a palm pilot or on a smart phone?

I use Exbal too RR, on an old Palm system--but there r freebies out there too, somehwere.

Here's my dope and system for a different reticle, very quickly referenced--

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If you have an IPhone or IPod touch there are a handful of ballistic applications that work pretty well also. If you are interested in reading a good write up on Mil/MOA this link will give you a very good explanation...along with formulas for ranging.

Here is a real simple form. to figure out mil value at any range

Range x 36 = mil value in inches

ex. .300 x 36 = 10.8 .522 x 36 = 18.8 1.200 x 36 = 43.2
Medic--that dope u see is for my 65 SGK load out of my AR-15 using this TK Lee reticle--


It's a 3 MOA system between dots and 4 MOA windage. Just run the ballistics program and calculate the drop and windage in MOA. For example if say the drop for 450 yds. is 5.0 MOA then that's 2 MOA more than the 1st dot, and since there is 3 MOA between dots then 2/3=0.7. So the dope would be 1.7. Then calculate windage the same. See how it works?
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I picked up a Palm Zire 72 off ebay for cheap and stuck the Pejsa program on there. It is unbelievable how accurate it is.

the whole setup cost me around $65 or so.

I do the same this as you sscoyote, flip cap ballistics for quick adjustments.

Hey i am not trying to hi jack the thread but i want to know how do you use mill dots and what are MOAs exactly.
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