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Sep 23, 2012
I am looking at the Millett trs and i was wondering if anyone made custom turrets for them with my load information on it and my adjustments
For about the same money you can get a vortex viper and they have custom turrets.

I'm going to got some for mine when I get a load I like a the drop dope on it

Vortex Optics - Home

Here is the link to vortex I would buy scope from somewhere like cameraland or optics planet
I got out to the range this evening after work. I had gatorade bottles a milk jug, a 4' gong set a t 400, a 6" gong at 600, and a 10" gong at 800

The gatorade bottles where set at 236yrds and 355yrds, the milk jug and 4" gong at 400yrds.

I started on the 4" gong, then to the 6", then to a bottle at 355 then out to the 10" gong, back to a bottle at 236, then the milk jug and the 4" gong again.

Every round was a hit so both the yardage and MOA scale are spot on:cool:

I think I like em:)gun)
Bullet: G7 BC, muzzle vel, temp, alt

turret dia to the nearest 0.001, turret height probably 0.27, #of clicks per revolution, # of clicks per MOA

Mine was the first (only) Millet scope he made em for so if you mention that to him it might help for reference. It's all on his site too:)
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