Miling Elk and Deer


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Jul 11, 2003
When you guy are miling Elk and Deer what do you use for size? 18 inch from back to stomach for deer? and 36 inch from back to stomach for Elk?


There's a thread on critter sizes on this board somewhere. One thing that came to light is that there are easily two different sets of measurements for use... Just behind the shoulder on a deer or more rearward at the ribcage/stomach area. For deer I've actually measured here locally small does ar in the 14 to 15 inch range (behind the shoulder) and a very large buck would be 16 to 17 inches. An 18 inch whitetail buck (or doe for that matter) would be a very large deer.
Thanks Doc. I've just used 18 inch on white tail deer here in Michigan. But I dont get much shooting at them here passed 300 yds.
But next fall I'm makeing my frist trip out to Colorado for Elk hunting. I'm hunting north of Grand Junction. You ever hunt up that way? I just wanted a size to mil an elk at so I could maybe get a long shot off.
I was up at SMTC the last two week for sniper II and III. We where shooting movers at 300m 600m and 800m. We where useing mil hold off and getting frist round hits with the 308's. But I want to use my 338 Lapua on the Elk out west. Last year I had to put 3 rds of 168 gr ers in an elk to drop it. All 3 went throw the lungs but not a very fast blood lost.

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