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Mdt hnt26 chassis


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Oct 2, 2010
Rigby Idaho
HNT26 chassis: $1650 shipped.

New in box

Savage long action inlet

Arca rail and folding stock.

Only weighs 29 oz on my scale (compare to the xlr element magnesium, which would weigh 34 ounces with all the same options that the HNT26 comes standard with; thumb rest, sling stud, adjustable cheek riser, etc)

I paid $1695 including sales tax and shipping (price was $1600 pre tax) mdt has since increased the price to $1700 pre tax I believe. Plus, it is about a 4-6 month back order waiting list right now.

A great combo for this chassis is a savage 110 ultralight. You could pick one up in 28 nosler or 280ai for $1100, and for less than $2800 you have a custom ultralight long range rifle with folding stock and a full length arca that will shoot bug holes. For example... I put my savage 110 ultralight 28 nos barreled action in an mdt lss chassis, and it turned a 3/4 moa shooter into nearly a 1/4 moa shooter.

here is an idea... put a savage 110 ultralight 28nos in this HNT26 chassis, put on an swfa ss hd 3-9x42, dnz 1 piece scope mount, srs titanium brake, p mag, and the whole rifle will only weigh about 127 ounces... that is a fully scoped sub 8lb rifle with folding stock, adjustable comb, 24 inch barrel, the whole 9 yards... of course you could easily have a sub 7.5 lb scoped rifle if you chose a lighter weight scope and rings.

Only reason I'm selling this HNT26 chassis is because I bought two and only need one.


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