1. In_Him

    WTT - MDT HNT26

    Hey guys, I have a like new HNT26, Tikka LA, Folder with ARCA rail in their green color. I'd love to trade for a black carbon. Looking for the same specs. I know it's a long shot, but you never know. ;-) If I can't find a trade, I'll list it for sale in December after all my hunts are over...
  2. P

    SOLD/EXPIRED MDT HNT26 Chassis REM 700 LA Folding with Arca Rail

    MDT HNT26 chassis Rem 700 Long Action inlet Right Hand inlet Cobalt Green Folding Stock Arca Rail forend These are $1699.95 plus tax from MDT, and they are only available on backorder. I waited over 4 months to get mine. These are the lightest chassis on the market, lighter than the magnesium...
  3. P

    Mdt hnt26 chassis

    HNT26 chassis: $1650 shipped. New in box Savage long action inlet Arca rail and folding stock. Only weighs 29 oz on my scale (compare to the xlr element magnesium, which would weigh 34 ounces with all the same options that the HNT26 comes standard with; thumb rest, sling stud, adjustable...
  4. P

    WTB chassis stock for Savage long action

    Looking to buy a chassis stock for a savage long action. The lighter the better. Preferably with folding stock.