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Jul 18, 2003
I have been working on what type of action, barrel and in what cal. I have thought about every thing except what stock I want. I know I want a McMillan. I can't decide between the A5 tactical or the McHale stock.I would like to hear peoples opinons on both. Thank you very much for your responses.
There is a review of the A5 on htis board with pictures and from what I remember Ian loves it.

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Thanks Tex,
I have seen people talk about it but have not seen a picture of one. The Mchale is a good looking stock.I was interested in wieght and handling.I will probably end up with the Tactical but the other does intrest me.
I have used both stocks and they are both superb. They are very different tho. The McHale is BIG, very nice large near vertical pistol grip, very large forend. It is heavy and designed for big barrrels. It fits my big hands perfectly. This is not a carrying stock, but it is a wonderful accuracy platform.
The A-5 is also a superb fitting stock, and it is somewhat lighter and less bulky. Also has a great near vertical pistol grip, more rounded and neater forend.
Neither of these stocks are as good for hunting as the A-1, it is the answer if you ask me. I would have preferred a little bigger pistol grip on it, but otherwise it is a great handling and feeling stock.
Good luck with your decision - those are my favorite stocks and I would choose depending on how heavy I want the rifle, plus if I am carrying it much.
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