Mauser98 safty help

brett T

Aug 16, 2012
Does anyone know where to get a safety block for the bolt on a Mauser 98. I am doing a budget build on a Czech BRONO that has been converted to .308 with a Richards stock. I have a match trigger with the safety built in and need to get rid of the safety built into the bolt so I do not have to rout out my cheek weld to much thanks. Any help would be great I hate to hurry it but am excited to get it complete.
I think you are needing/wanting a sporter shroud. you can just take the wing safety off the original shroud until you get one in the mail. theres nothing that says you have to have a sporter shroud, but they look very nice.
+1 on the commercial shroud. I like the looks of them.

If you grind the wing-retaining ridge flush with the back of the military shroud, and press in a body bound steel plug, It wouldn't look bad after Oxpho bluing.

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