SOLD/EXPIRED Mathews Bows and a Cross bow for sale


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Oct 14, 2009
Eastern NC
I have three bows for sale.

First: Mathews Q2 in great shape with whisker biscuit, peep, hind sight pins, limb savers, Tarrantula string savers and new string and tune job. Right hand model. 29" draw and 55#-70#. $400 (Bow on left)

Second: Mathews Swithcback with trophy ridge drop away rest, peep, extended SMI sight, limb savers and string leeches. New string and tuned. LEFT hand model 29" draw and 55#-70#. $450 (Bow in right in pictures on bear rug with more parallel limbs)

Excalibur Exomax crossbow. 225# draw, and 340 fps. Comes with quiver, 4 bolts, cocking aid, two spare strings, spare set of limbs, new set just installed, De-stringing tool, excalibur rings and scope with multi-reticle out to 60 yards. Bow is in great shape, and I just added the limbsaver Excalibur silencing kit for the string and riser. $600

I am selling these as I no longer have a need for them. All are in great shape and are ready to hunt condition.

If you need more information or pictures, you can send me an email, but please only respond if you have serious interest.

Thank you,



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