SOLD/EXPIRED 2 bows (Mathews and Bowtech) and an ESEE 4 knife for sale


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Feb 8, 2009
1st up is a Mathews Reezen 6.5

Bow has some wear but in overall really good condition. Bow is 60-70# with a 29" draw. This bow WILL come with a Fuse Axium stabilzer that could use a quick coat of flat paint of your choice. I would like $525 TYD

2nd is a Bowtech Destroyer 350 with Sideplates, Nap Apache Rest, Nap Apache stabilizer and a bowrattler string stop.

This bow is flat out AWESOME. Bow is 60-70 (set at 64) with the DL set at 27.5". It has a NAP Apache rest on it which I REALLY like, VERY quiet and full arrow capture. I also got my hands on a set of Invasion sideplates that I put on this D350 which made this awesome bow to begin with that much more amazing. I will also send the original grip and string stop along just in case you do not feel the same as I do and would like a fatter grip. It does have Bowtechs famous limb flake finish on it but definitely not as bad as my Invasion was or some others I have seen (if you need some more pics just ask). I am asking $600 TYD

3rd is a slightly modified ESEE 4 with satin finish, mirror convex edge and kydex sheath, GREAT knife, very sharp and ill even it gove it a once more over with my 1x30 just to make sure you get it slice and dice condition. There is what appeared to be either a tooling mark on the steel, that was seen only after I chemically removed the original finish, I DID take the majority of the tooling mark out but it is still there. I have squared the spine of this blade for ferro rod/firesteel striking. The scales were also dyed black, I am asking $80 TYD

I CAN provide ANY other pics as requested