MatchKings illegal in PA??


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Feb 4, 2002
Windber, PA
I'm having a discussion with a PA hunter on another board about whether or not the MK is legal for hunting big game here in PA. He says his neighbor is a game warden who loves to take a guy's gun, deer, etc.., if he's using MK's, because they're (supposedly) a non-expanding bullet, therefore illegal.

Darryl or Boyd, didn't one of you mention hunting with a member of the Game Commission who used the MK's?

I used to live in PA and I new quite a few Wardens.. I never heard that the MK's were illegal. Basically they are a Hollow point.... I'd love to see a warden try to take my gun and/or deer for using MK's.. I'd own him, his house, his truck , and have his job up for bid.....
To the original poster

Whoever told you that better read their hunting laws and rules of PA.

The MK is considered an expanding bullet because of it's "hollow point" design.
I know for a fact they are perfectly legal in every State that I am aware of and have hunted in. I am also in Driftwood, PA and have been here and hunted "EVERY" season since 1962.

I too have heard this Bull$$$$ before and it's not true.
If a warden said that, he better go back for continuing Ed. and I'll bet he is a "Deputy Warden" or weekender wanna be warden as we call them here in PA.

Tell that guy who posted that crap to read his rules and find out the truth before posting such nonsense.

A military metal piercing bullet is NOT allowed for game in PA.
ALL match Kings and other expanding type bullets are allowed.

Darryl Cassel

PS--As an addition here, tell that guy who posted the bull crap to tell that warden to come to Driftwood and "TRY" to take a Longrange hunters gun from him for the reason that a MK is illegal.

Yes, I have hunted with wardens here in PA and the MK is legal. Several of the LR hunters in Pine Creek are wardens and they all use Sierra MK bullets.

What forum is this fellow posting on, may I ask? We have a lot of PA shooters on this forum. He should come and try to post that stuff here maybe??

Hey Boyd---What do you think of that one??? Can you imagine some warden trying to take "Big Ugly or Mr Tomas Hawk" ???????

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Pennsylvania Big Game Regulations, page 50. Lawful Arms and Ammunition
Deer and Bear - Regular Seasons: (1) Manually operated center-fire rifles, shotguns, and center-fire handguns with all lead bullet or ball, or a bullet designed to expand on impact; ....

Now from the Sierra site.... in reference to whether a MatchKing is designed to expand.

"Matchkings and Hunting
by Rich Macholz

Every year we are reminded of the accuracy advantage MatchKings provide by hunters wishing to use them in the field. We don't suggest this application due to thin jackets, hard cores, and small meplat openings.

These design characteristics can cause premature expansion at close range, lack of expansion at extreme range, and a very narrow corridor of terminal performance. It is very difficult to take advantage of the MatchKings accuracy edge in the field under normal hunting conditions. Usually things are not just exactly perfect when that trophy presents itself. That means that odds are good that shot placement, while good, may not be perfect. .....

Apparently there is expansion in the design as I read this snippet from the manufacturers' representative.

Sounds like a non-issue to me and just a grumpy warden on a crusade.

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D.C. - Kinda figured that would get you going!! Would be interesting watching someone try to get a rifle away from me, or you, or just about anybody else here on the basis of using MK's.

The guy that posted the data to which I referred is a moderator over at HuntChat. He's an okay guy, actually from up your way (Mansfield), just misinformed. I've invited him over here to check things out.


I've hunted Mansfield with some dairy farmer friends of mine who own quite a bit of land.
The farmer who owns the land, was a warden many years ago.

Tell the mis-informed guy to tell that warden to get his act together.
The warden is most certainly full of what my dairy farmer friend spreads in his fields everyday from the barn.

Maybe I asked you before----do you know the Ott family in Wimber? My wifes family is the OTTS and they are dairy farmers also. They live close to the Burkey Church.
Small World.


PS---Match Kings are legal and I think I will have to hunt a day or two in the Mansfield area.
Hey, DC - Yep, we talked about your better half's
family before. I don't know them personally, but, I know a bunch of their relatives. A bunch of our employees attend the Burkey Church, matter of fact.

One of the other guys over at HuntChat asked "How can a game warden tell WHAT kind of bullet you're using, anyway; all he could tell is it's a hollowpoint". Good point (no pun intended).

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR>PS---Match Kings are legal and I think I will have to hunt a day or two in the Mansfield area. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE> I would pay to watch the discussion if you happen to bump into that game warden. Make sure you take the video camera along!!

Hey Boyd

Some warden near Mansfield is going to take "Big Ugly and Mr Tomas Hawk" because we are using Sierra MKs

I think we should go up to Mansfield and set up there by the south end of the dam along Route 15. It's a long way over to retrive the deer but I know some people who have boats.

Sounds like 'dem poor wardens over Penn-sly-vania ways is gonna need some mercy! The name alone-"Big Ugly" makes me feel a little mercy-full for anything in its way!
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