SOLD/EXPIRED Match Ready ALS 50 BMG package $3000


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May 26, 2009
Looking to buy a different platform, so selling my ALS. This is a turnkey match setup ready to go. This is a One Mile gun without any load development. 215 Gr of H50BMG behind an Amax will do the trick.

Upper 2300
Jard Trigger 145
Bipod 200
Pelican Case 210
Dewey Cleaning Rod 50
DPMS single shot lower 200
ARFX Stock 90
Custom Paint from ALS 200

It has had 12 rounds through it. Shoots exceptionally and has had the bolt mod from ALS.

$3000 plus shipping OBO



Its a 32" Pac-Nor Match barrel

Recoil is mild simply due to the efficiency of the compensator and and the weight of the package. Its hard to quantify, but maybe that of a very mild 12 gauge where it pushes you a little.

I also have a 15 Lb 50 BMG and its quite a bit to handle!