SOLD/EXPIRED Cadex Tremor 50 BMG package


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Feb 22, 2021
I am selling all my 50 bmg equipment as an emergency to help a close friend in a dire situation. If you know anyone who would be interested in all of this please reach out.

Every single bit of this is 100% brand new, never taken out of my gun room, or ever fired. Everything was meticulously mounted to factory specs with torque wrenches.

I was waiting to shoot it until I accumulated all the reloading gear to make my own ammo but that hadn't happened yet.

At this time I am looking for a face to face sale, but may be willing to part out if multiple people could account for most of the equipment.

I am located in central PA and am willing to drive a considerable distance to meet halfway if I need to.

Anyways here is the MAP breakdown of everything:

Cadex Tremor 50 BMG (29" barrel) in stormtrooper white ($9,657)
Cadex Falcon long leg bipod with ski/claw/rubber feet ($1,000)
Cadex 1.5" 34mm scope mount with bubble level ($350)
Cadex ELR extender (not pictured) ($320)
Cadex buttpad spacer ($40)
Cadex ARCA tripod mount ($27)
Cadex ELR bagrider ($54)

100 pieces virgin Lapua 50 BMG brass ($600)
100 hornady 750 amax bullets ($300)
500 CCI #35 primers ($400)
8lb jug RL 50 ($350)

Nightforce Beast 5-25x56 MOAR w/ Digillum ($3,000)

Cadex tan cordura dragbag (was included with rifle)
Boretech 50" borestix rod ($100)
Boretech 50 cal jags ($20)
Boretech 50 cal nylon brush x3 ($8)
AAA ammo delrin boreguide/rodguide ($70)

I also have all the original paperwork, thread protector, patches/stickers, some factory cadex replacement parts.

In total, this is over $17,000 worth of equipment including the 6% sales PA sales tax I paid.

I am asking $11,500 for EVERYTHING.

PM with any questions. I am happy to call/facetime as well with any concerns or questions.


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That is the most awesome 50 I have ever seen. Hope all works out well for you and your friend.


thank you sir, please share if you know anyone. I am not one to ask for help, but at this time selling this would help us out tremendously.