SOLD/EXPIRED ALS 50 BMG long range system


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Oct 14, 2009
Eastern NC
I have a 50 BMG single shot with an upgraded trigger, hammer, adjustable stock, heavy duty front bi-pod, massive brake and custom tiger paint job. Gun is topped with a Signtron 10x50x60mm scope with MOA mil-dot tactical reticle and 30MM TPS rings. I have several boxes of A-Max ammo 750 grain I can sell with the gun, or sell after gun sells to someone else. Would prefer to do deal FTF as gun is very heavy, but I can ship in a pelican case if necessary. Also comes with a cleaning rod, jag, and .50 BMG laser sight in round. Total cost of this pachage is (gun and cleaning rod $3445, laser sighter $65, scope $1050 Bullets 3 boxes of Hornady 750 gr Amax 65/box) Total cost of complete package is $4755

Compelte package with scope and bases, case and bullets, rod and laser $4000. (I cover shipping and insurance)

Just gun and case and rounds, rod and laser $3000 (plus shipping)

Just Gun, rod, laser and bullets $2800 (plus shipping)

I have put about 30 rounds down the tube (most of them by friends and kids). Nothing better than seeing your daughter ring steel at 600 yards with a 50 BMG while two older boys on the football team have to see her shoot it first before they will sit behind it and pull the trigger.


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