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    Dec 4, 2013
    I thought I had already logged in and posted my intro, but I guess not. I'm a 30+ year veteran of smithing, handloading and shooting. My specialty is accurizing hunting rifles, re-chambering, re-barreling, stocks and most recently tinkering with muzzle brakes. Western Co, at least where I live has become saturated with "backyard gun fix-its" and "garage gunsmiths" who are usually someone's buddy who has a vice, barrel wrench, and a ball peen hammer. Currently I'm in the process of acquiring my FFL, as there are only 2-3 reputable smiths in the area, and they're not into taking new clients, especially the plastic litter-gun types. Anyway that's me currently at 10 pm this evening, stick around and keep an eye out for me, I change regularly and you never know what you might!!