"Magnumwill" wins the Long Range Rifles, LLC components give away contest.

Len Backus

Staff member
May 2, 2001
Long Range Rifles, LLC is pleased to congratulate Magnumwill. He wins:

A $1,000 custom rifle components package provided by my suppliers:
  • Brux Barrel --- in winner's choice of length, contour, twist, caliber
  • Manners Composite Stock --- winner's choice of any hunting or tactical stock in standard color, with fixed butt and fixed cheek
  • Seekins Precision --- bottom metal with detachable magazine
The only components that are missing are an action and trigger.

You will also need a gunsmith and my requirement is that you MUST USE A LRH Sponsor gunsmith. That cost will be at your own expense. We have really, really good ones here so enjoy the selection process. When you, as the winner, have made your arrangements with your LRH Sponsor gunsmith I will ship the components to him.

Here is a list of the LRH Sponsor gunsmiths in no particular order:
Dang it I thought either I or Joel had this one in the bag! Oh well, Congrats Magnumwill you lucky dog!:)
What a surprise!!!! I woke up this morning and checked my email.... I am still in shock. Thanks a lot to the sponsers. I have been picking up components slowley to build a new rifle. I p/u a decent 7 mm barrel blank at a gunshow so I was leaning towards a 284 Winchester but now I am up in the air over what to build. I have been using my cz550 in 22-250 with a 1-14 twist to shoot long range and it has proved to be a serious limiting factor especially past 600 yards. If anyone has any suggestions I am open to them. Thanks again to the sponsers and LRH.com. I think this has just made my year!!! :D gun)
Now's the time to step into a high end custom action. I think the 284 is still a great choice.

Your most difficult choice will be picking the smith to do the work. So many good choices.

Congratulations Manumwill. My choice of calibers was a 338 edge (338-300) by Shawn Carlock with Defensive Edge. Allen Precision has some great 7mm you might want to look at as well?
If anyone has any suggestions I am open to them.
I know what I had planned before you robbed me. :rolleyes:

22", #5, 260 Rem, Surgeon 591 Action, MCS-T stock in sand 3 color camo, Seekins rings to match the bottom metal...

But I really hadn't thought much about it. :D Congrats man. You've got a fun road ahead of you.
"Magnumwill" wins the Long Range Rifles, LLC components give away contest.

The 260 is very tempting, that was one of the cartridges I have been looking at.... I am going to be able to pick up a blueprinted match SA 700 from a guy I work with for a really really good price....even has a Shilen 22-284 Winchester BR contour barrel on it with 100 rounds down the tube.

Currently I am thinking either a 284 Win or a 260 Rem. Does anyone want to try to convince me to one or the other?
"Magnumwill" wins the Long Range Rifles, LLC components give away contest.

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