magazine fed bigbore suggestions


Jun 16, 2002
Hi Gents, I am looking to put together a big game rifle with a detatchable magazine setup, purely for kicks(pun intended), the cheapest way possible.
I have a 416 rem barrel sitting around that needs to be put to mischief. Was thinking of getting a cheapo plastic rem in 375 H&H, add barrel and add wyatt magazine kit and hey presto.
Wondering if this would work?
If so which Wyatt mag system would suit the 416 rem best, if any .

Asked a few folks and some said go all the way to the big mag used for the RUM/LAPUA as it should still be okay for the case and screw in okay to any remington long action.

Others said lot easier to use the mag set up for 300Mag as 3.7 internal length still should be enough.

I don't have either the gun or magazines accessible to me, have to mail order so any suggestions before I take a plunge welcome
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