Savage F-Class Magazine Fed?


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Mar 2, 2012
Is it possible to make a savage f-class in 6.5-284 a magazine fed? if so how hard is it to do?
I have one and it's made with the single feed target action. The receiver has a solid bottom.

I won't say it can't be done. But, you'd be better served to sell it and buy one that's intended to be magazine fed.

-- richard

A lot of us here don't like to back down from a challenge. So, I'm certain it can be done. But, it will either cost more in the end or be less desirable than one which was purpose built to that end.

If you do purchase the rifle, you would do well to leave it as a single shot or trade it for a repeater when the time comes.

Best of luck,
Would it be as simple as machining out the bottom so an internal magazine like you see on remingtons fits and adding a floor plate and spring? Also is this a short or long action? It didnt say on savages website
That's the general idea. But, it's not quite that simple. If I was going to attempt it, I'd be looking for bottom metal that uses AICS magazines. There would be quite a lot of fitting and inletting.

I beleive it's a short action. So, you might have subtle issues to overcome there as well with the cartridges and high BC bullets you want to run in it as a repeater.

Unless you really do a great job, once you spend $300-600 on the mag conversion, the rifle will be worth less than what you originally paid.

That's just my opinion.

-- richard
If I were you I would start out with something like the LRP or VLP that already has the DBM. The rifle you are speaking of as well as the two I mentioned are short actions. If you want a long action look at the 110 FCP HS.
i think i will shoot the barrel out, put a new barrel in 284 shehane on and if i dont like it as a single shot, i will try to trade it on here for a long action mag fed action.
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