I have a M4 Leupold 16x scope a AR 50 I just bought, is this a good scope for this 50 cal.??

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It's a pretty tough scope and has LOTS of elevation adjustment. They're a little dark at dusk for my liking but a good scope. They are about $1000 new.
Like Dave says, really tough scope, will stand up to .50 cal abuse no sweat but make sure rings are properly torqued. Has somewhat limited eye-relief, fussy rascal with limited field of view also. Hell of a scope tho, one of my favorites.
FM Dude...

I have an AR-50 and it is a good scope for it. I would STRONGLY suggest the 50-MOA tapered base from Armalite, and also consider the Barret adjustable rings... I have both on my AR with a B&L tac (the REAL B&L Tac).

It has 150 moa of elevation, and with the Barret adjustable rings, I have it set so that the 100 zero is only 2 moa off of the bottom of the elevation adjustments, so I have more than 145 of UP available... that will give me over 2700 meters of range.

There is no worry about recoil damaging the scope... the AR-50 is a ***** (cat) rifle.

Thanks, the AR came with the tappered scope mount, I used the M4 on my Army issue M24 but I could not remeber what we used on the barrets, we only shot them once in a while. I paid $2800 for the entire package.
Harris Bipod
M4 16x Scope
I picked it up at a gun show saturday, can't wait o shoot it, I only have a 600 meter range here on base so that will have to do for now
FM Dude...

$2,800 for that package... you did real good. Enjoy it. I love mine.

If you are going to load for it in the future, get the Hornady press kit with dies, and the 50cal Hornady measure. Pass on the RCBS kit.

Drop me an e-mail if you have any questions about loading for it.

... and one quick warning... keep your mouth closed when you shoot it, or your front teeth will ache from the concussion...
... I'm not kidding, it is a rightious experence when you light the fuse on that sucka
. It's the price you pay for the light recoil... that monster muzzle break throws all that boom, right back atcha

Think of it as very small artillery


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I don't know, I haven't shot any surplus military ammo...

The first ammo that I shot out of it were handloads.

I shoot A-Maxs with H-50BMG, and militery pulls with 5010-PD.

The A-Maxs shoot 1/2" to /2/3" at 100... and the military pulls are around 3/4" to 1", including the M48s which are the most fun you can have with your pants on!!


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