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SOLD/EXPIRED M24 Clone; .300win Sendero in H-S Tactical Stock...

edward hogan

Well-Known Member
May 7, 2003
This is an Excellent condition H-S Tactical Long Action stock for Remington 700 with Adjustable Length of Pull and a Karsten adjustable Saddle riser cheekpiece. This is the stock the Army and Marine Corps chose for the M24 sniper system. Originally done in .308win, they are now being updated for .300win for Afghanistan. Stock is Krylon camo green over a ReatTree camo dip.

Bareled Action is Remington 700 BDL with a .300win Sendero 26" heavy barrel. Barrel and action haven't been fired much, under 250rds. Great basic rifle for building a fine clone. Shoot the factory Sendero barrel while your gunsmith waits for your new one to arrive, then let him duracoat everything how you want it and maybe due an accurizing job on the receiver. Not that it will even need that since the Action is a C prefix serial number and the older R700 actions tend to be lots more dimensionally precise. Finish is somewhat rough, as stated, but the bolt travel is smooth, bolt body does not drag and there is little wear on the bolt lugs. Has a nice standard Rem trigger that breaks at 2.5 lb.

The H-S Tactical stock has not been altered, barrel channel is standard width setup for a #7 barrel contour and should handle a #9 without problem. Stock has a couple of scrapes in the surface layer. Camo dip there still looks good so there is no "ugly stock" syndrome lurking under the paint.

Asking $1050 and will split the shipping, Insurance your option.
Trades welcomed.

Still have a Like New complete and perfect Rem 700 LA SS Mag action that could be substituted for another $85. And a Shilen Stainless fluted Match barrel for Rem 700 in .308 Lazzeroni Patriot. Barrel is in like-new condition and comes with a SS Holland Quick Discharge Muzzlebrake. Add $200 for that barrel when you buy the complete .300win rifle.

Email me for pix [email protected].
Postal moneyorder only please. Rifle ships to your FFL same day funds arrive.

Also see my post in the reloading section as I have lots of brass and bullets for longrange and hunting applications.


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