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    Jul 29, 2003
    I was looking into getting an M1 Garand thru the CMP. I notice they offer "Greek" they were lent to the Greek Military.

    I saw one at a gunshop offered for around $500. TEG (throat erosion gauge) 2 which by CMP standards is pretty good, it's Springfield date 1953. It is also Greek. CMP sells them for $450, but its pot luck. The rifle was checked and is operational. Why does CMP offer the Greeks for less?

    I know nothing about this and was looking to avoid the CMP wait and requirements.. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    CMP rifles unless you opt for the top of the line will probably have mismatched parts.
    You may have a bolt from a Winchester, a barrel from a Springfield. This may account for why the price difference occurs. The price really shoots up for matched M1 Garands where all the pieces are from the same manufacture.
    I found one that was made by winchester, reportedly supposed to be the best of the M1 garand for a little under 2k.
    The CMP also sold at one time 1903A4 which were the sniper version of the 1903A3. These were sold by the CMP for around 400 or so and you cant touch one now for under I'd say 3k or so.
    So here you have what may be the cause of the price difference. If you are a collector then it makes all the world of difference but if your looking at a plinkin gun then take the rack grade for cheap. You can of course find loads of parts on many of the auction sites as well as Shot Gun News and build your particular manufactured rifle with all the same pieces.