Lyman "Powder Pal" funnel

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    Feb 16, 2002
    I had seen this in the Sinclair catalog and decided to try it since I didn't have an appropriate powder funnel. I was using a kitchen type funnel which liked to clog up and it needed a few taps of persuasion to make it work again. To describe the Lyman Powder Pal, it is a combination pan/funnel which is made out of plastic.

    Before I opened the package I noticed the words in which it was not recommended for use with mechanical scales. Being that I hate sending things back mailorder I made it work. (The scale that I use is a RCBS/O'Haus 5-0-5 which was picked up used and has been faithfull to me ever since. Upon placing the pan on the scale it was clearly evident that this pan is much lighter than the OEM aluminum pan that the scale came with, rebalancing is required on mechanical beam scales. On the 5-0-5 if you remove the phillips screw which holds the base for the pan on you will see small counterweights, more weight will have to be added to allow this pan to work. I used some Lead .177 pellets and with the right combination I was able to re-zero my scale with the Lyman pan. I wanted to go back to the OEM aluminum pan rebalancing will need to be required.) For those with electronic scales you only have to zero the scale with the pan then your all done...

    For actual use this pan eliminates the extra step of having to pour the powder from the pan to a funnel, a timesaver when it comes to reloading lots of rounds. The bad thing that I have noticed is that the small powder kernels had started to stick to the pan, nothing that a tap can't take care of but something to watch for. Cost was 4.99, the cheapest reloading item that I have bought... I would like to see an aluminum version in the future, this will prevent the sticking kernels like the plastic version has.