LR range near Crystal River, FL


Jan 4, 2010
I'm on leave so I went home to Tampa last week and drove down to the above range. I was able to shoot for free since i'm active duty. The staff ,shooters and overall atmosphere was very friendly, and I had a very good time. The range goes out to 1000yds with steel at 565yds, being what the locals said where 4 or 5 inch swingers, a YKD tgt past 700yds, and swingers at 1000yds ranging from what ATB 3 inches to 10 inches. The range is surrounded by birms and at 1000yds makes calling wind very interesting. I went on a Thursday and I would say there were about 15 people there. Shooting periods were about 30min with a 10 min break. They also had a little golf cart to go to the longer ranges to set up paper tgts, which is a plus. The shooting *** is a concrete slab covered by a awning approx 75yds long, with concrete shooting benches that can be used by either left or right handed shooters. If i ever moved back home I would be making a trip there pretty often. If you are married and just like nature intended your wife pitches a fit everytime you want go shoot, there is hope. Let it be known that there is a big brand name outlet mall about 15-20 min from this range. You drop her off and go shot, everyone is happy. It may cost you a little money doing it this way but your sanity is worth it. Bottom line I had a good day of shooting and if you are in the area I would say give this place a try and see how you like. Hope this was helpful.