Lot Numbers?


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Jun 15, 2012
I keep reading about using the same lot numbers for bullets and powder to ensure consistency.
I use Hodgdon's CFE 223 and Titegroup for powder and Speer btsp bullets for hunting and S&B fmj for plinking with my 308 win and S&B sp and barnes varmint grenades for my 223, using cfe 223 and Titegroup for cast bullet subsonic loads.
I cannot find a lot number on the speer boxes or the S&B boxes neither can I find a lot number on the powder bottles.
The barnes boxes have a number on them that I suspect may be a lot number but it doesn't say it is.
Has this practice died off?

Savage 12BVSS

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Dec 20, 2019
Most of the time powder bottles have lot numbers to trace or be used in recalls. Not sure if bullets use lot # as I've never looked for them, just weigh my bullets and use. Good reason to buy powder in larger quanties at once, used to get matching lot numbers when buying powders at shops. Online ordering is more take what you get.

Just checked quite a few bullet boxes of nosler and sierra and found no lot numbers, I would say just weigh them for uniformity.