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SOLD/EXPIRED Looking for XD 45


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Dec 26, 2009
Big Horn Basin, Wyoming
I am looking for a nice used XD (compact model with shorter grip prefferably) in 45. Any XD will work. Let me know what you have. Please no offers for anything but 45
Mike if you get a chance, check out the XDs in a .45. They are new out, but you might be able to find one used!
O ok. I know you can get an extended mag, however, that would be just one additional round. Maybe look at the glock 36 slim line. I had one and loved it. Single stack .45 6+1 capacity. I should ask how many rounds do you want?
Id say at least 10. I just said the xd compact because its a little smaller but still holds a lot of rounds. I mostly open carry anyway so i dont need to be able to conceal it necessarily.
I have a 5 inch Tactical in Tan with night sights. It comes in a box with 2 13 rd mags, holster, mag holster and clip loader. I actually have 2 identical sets. One I have been carrying for a couple of years and the new one. I liked it so much I bought a spare. I actually don't shoot my kimbers much anymore. I only use the ultra carry for conceal carry. I will take $500 shipped for the new one. I'm kinda attached to the old one.

I sent you a picture by text and have not heard from you. My phone shows delivered, but I wanted to ensure you got it.

I have a full size 4" barrel, black pistol I am selling. Comes with about 100 rounds of ammo mixed hornady and winchester,2 mags and 3 holsters (left hand) Trigger safety model, has about 100 rounds through it, send me a pm make you a good deal Mike.



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I just got one also. Not for sale, but I'll tell you about it. Ordered direct from Springer Precision, OD green XD45 compact. He did the works on it, 3 sided stippling for carry, dawson night sights, factory cleanup, carry/trigger job. Sweet gun, really. I plan to shoot it next week, see how it compares to the similar service model I've been shooting the last few years.

I got the compact 10 round mags only, don't need the extended grips here in CA - they are still 10 rounds anyway.
Mike if you get a chance, check out the XDs in a .45. They are new out, but you might be able to find one used!

Well i visited bass pro shop today in dallas and have changed my mind... the xds wasnt really a consideration. But after holding it and comparing it to the xd compact. I have to say i think i want an xds now. Fewer rounds but very carryable and i can easily carry the extra 5 round mag in my pocket if i feel i may meed more ammo. So if anyone has an xds let me know i want it. Im guessing its too new to find a used one so ill probably just get a new one.