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Nov 16, 2012
Beech bluff TN
I'm new to coyote hunting and live in west TN. I need some tips on the basics like how to identify a good location and some calling tips also any tips on any good places to hunt would be greatly appreciated.
You can hunt them most anywhere its legal, which is most anywhere. But you will only be able to see any if you hunt them where they are. To find that out your going to have to do some driving around. Also you need to be able to see them before they smell you or see you. So really you need 50 yards or more of vision. You can use a howler and listen for them to answer you, but they may not. You can ask around and find out if anyone sees or hears them regularly and where. If your hunting private land you will need the land owners permission to hunt on their land. Randy Anderson has some great DVDs on calling coyotes. Very instructional. And entertaining. Just search Calling All Coyotes.
Thanks, what caliber rifle would you recommend I'm considering a .223 or 204 Remington.
Those are the among the two most common calibers for yotes. I run a 223, cheaper, more readily available ammo. Plus just about any model of rifle you'd like is chambered in 223. Either will work great for you. Yotes don't need much horse power to take down.
I grew up hunting yotes in central and western KY, made a few trips to your side of tn as well. Any farmer with bean or corn fields and some strips of woods around or running through the area should produce. Many of the farmers have their land leased out to deer hunt other than that everyone I'd asked was happy to let me hunt. Many times they'd tell me or show me where they usually see yotes and cats. In most cases as soon as deer season is out the guys leasing the hunting rights would let me call as well, a few even came along to try it out. If you can find an area of public land which is sort of hard to get to and navigate around you should do decent there as well.
I usually use a decoy a feather or piece of rag on a string and attached to a wooden dowel rod worked for me for many yrs. If you've got a rifle already take it, I hunted for yrs with a 243 recently upgraded to a ar in 223, many many a yote fell to these over the yrs. I've got buddies with 22-250 they're great too, I don't advocate using a 204 shot a couple with them but it was a loaner rifle and i wasn't happy with the performance on yotes with 32gr bullets. I'm a big fan of the bang flop factor a 223 with 55gr HP and the 95gr BT from my 243.
Unless you can find an area that's never hunted or has a crop of new pups most every yote has been called to or harassed, make sure you stay as scent free as possible and try to play the wind, if you can get the sun on your back it helps too. I usually set up just inside the woods at the edges and corners of the fields and did pretty good. If you can find a chicken farm to hunt they're usually more than happy to let you, there are many in western ky and the dogs are plentiful and usually dopes on a rope...lol Good luck and happy hunting
Could the guy from millington who sent me a message to my inbox please send another one the message was deleted before I got your number off of it thanks.
I am in West Tn also. The best advice I can give you is don't give up. Go as much as you can. I may go 10 or 12 times and don't call anything then call several in a row. Watch the wind.
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