Longrange hunting in the U.S.

Billy, where in Europe are you? ive done a lot of longish range hunting in Scotland, longest shot was 620m, its all a question of hunting ethics, no matter the range you need to be 100% sure of dispatching the animal humainly with no suffering. Most hunters in Europe would consider 150m+ long, i don't believe anyone should be atempting more than 250m without some training and a lot of practice. varmints etc are to be classed differently from deer n pigs when it comes to the range i'd say was ethical or not.
the ability to kill at long range should not be used as the lazy way out of stalking the game. I just came back from Scotland 2 days ago, i kept the ranges short (200m) as i hadn't satisfactorily tested my new barrel, i thoroughly enjoyed the spot and stalk techniques i employed, its nice to have the ability to hit long, but stalking is where the real skill sits..
I could show you some places here for sure. I'm in the process of checking out new hunting leases right now but for long range hunting this is the area.
Let me know if you find anything good in the way of leases.. I also would mention the Big Bend area for long range hunting.
I'm looking around matador and anwhere east of here generaly. We have mule deer to the south and east as well as some of the biggest turkey I have ever seen. Pretty good whitetail and hogs too. Hogs are what I am after the most. Nothing like free porkchops. I'll let ya know if I find a good one.
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