long range w/338-06??

Daniel Ludwig

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Nov 8, 2004
Elizabeth, WV
just wondering if anyone is longrange hunting with a 338-06?? have one on the way, re-barreled dads old custom. 1917 Eddystone action, timney trigger, clay spencer 27" 10 twist barrel turned to match the old Douglas tube, 1.250 at the action, .750 at the muzzle. is sitting in what started as an old bishop thumbhole blank, quite LARGE, rifle weighed 15 3/4lbs bare with the Douglas tube.
rings are ancient, optics is 6.5-20 leupold w/turrets. kind of excited to finally have a toy, just wondering if anyone else is using this caliber or a similar rig. kinda old school, but thats how i like em.
Hey Dan, I have a .338-06 & love it as a med. range hunting round. For me, vel. drops off to fast for reliable expansion much past 350yds (farthest I have taken big game with). Give the 225grNAB a try for longer range out of that 27"bbl. You can expect 2700fps+, not bad for that big of a bullet. Give IMR4320, 4350 or RL19 a try. For lighter bullets, RL15 is my fav. w/ IMR4064 close behind.
care to share some of your pet loads?? we will be shooting a 210 nosler bt to start with, but plan on moving up since we are using a 10 twist tube. any loads would be helpful, thanks
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