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I mentioned Vhit N165 a start for discussion. My experence with this powder is not extensive however the results are interesting.The rifle is a Ruger km77varmit 26".I have loaded 58.5 gr N165 for 3265fps with a sd of 6,loadedwith a Berger 115 vld. It seems to group well enough for 1000 to 1200 yd rockchucks.Another load I us is 59gr and 100gr Sierra match at 3450fps it groups under6" at 1000yds.Both loads use Federal Gm215 primers. A medium range load I use is 75gr Vmax with 57gr of H414 at 3900 fps,same primer.Good for one chuck last year at 663yd and the 500yd club.

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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR> A medium range load I use is 75gr Vmax with 57gr of H414 at 3099 fps,same primer.Good for one chuck last year at 663yd and the 500yd club. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Is this a typo? I use a 25'06Ackley. I have a load with the 75V-Max using #2700 that chronos 3980fps, but that bullet starts dropping too much, past 430 for my purposes.

Also, R-22, is a lot faster with 100 grain bullets. BTW, I use a 210 Match primer.

Good hunting. LB
Yes it was a typo,correct velocity was 3900 fps.Moly coated bullets were used in all.
You mentioned your 25-06 Ackley Improved. Do you, or anyone else for that matter, recommend rechambering a 25-06 Rem. to AI? Is the velocity difference enough to make a major difference? Is the accuracy the same or close?

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Only under conditions. I would never shorten a factory barrel that has an acceptable level of performance; accuracy wise, to punch it to Improved; for what purpose? And, chances are it will be at least ½ to a full inch shorter. There goes half of your "improvement, right there.

I believe when the time is right to rebarrel, (when your barrel is toast) that's the best time to consider a double upgrade. This chambering requires at least 26 iches and why waste the money on converting a factory barrel, that has already degraded, and lose your best accuracy after the conversion? Makes no sense, to me, from an economy perspective.

Is the Ackley a better performing cartridge? Yes. Advances in propellents would chance P.O.'s published opinion, I'm pretty sure? The first one I owned was made by him; wish I still had it.

Good hunting. LB

Firstly, I agree with the comments by LB, and in particular his comment about the current availability of suitable powders which now make the AI version viable.

I currently have 2 rifles chambered for the 25/06 AI (40), and the barrels in both were initially chambered for the standard 25/06 for the first 200 - 250 shots.

One rifle was a new Sako 25/06 Sporter (24 inch barrel), and the other was a custom made from a Sako L61R Action, Shilen 24 inch SS barrel, and Fajen stock.

I have had 18 years experience with the 25/06 AI case, and it has proven a terrific performer for me on medium game in Australia. Consequently I will always have one rifle chambered for this case.

Ballistically I have obtained a 200 -225 fps velocity increase with each of the 2 rifles when using bullets of 100 grains or more.

Typically I have found from both rifles, that you get 3,550+ fps with the 100 grain bullet, and 3,250+ fps with the 115 -120 grain bullets.

However, the standard 25/06 has proved to acceptable to thousands of shooters, my experience supports this, and would probably use this case if the majority of my shots were under 275 yards.

Although it definitely kills more emphatically at any distance, "dead is dead". So trying to be objective, I believe the main advantage of the AI version in the field is from about 275 yards onwards, where the extra velocity seems to give you greater margin for error, and hence more confidence in taking the shot. Hope this is of some assistance. Regards, Brian.
Thanks for the info and advice guys. The rechamber job would be to a new barrel. I was wondering whether the velocity increase was worth the cost of the rechambering job.


Addressing the velocity issue. My barrel is 28" and I use 57.0 gr. R-22, Fed 210Match, with the 100 grain Nosler BT@3650fps, which is worthwhile.

Good hunting. LB
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