(LONG RANGE) Red Tag Hunt

Boyd Heaton

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May 14, 2001
Lock Haven P.A.
A guy at work asked me if I wanted to go with him to an Almish farm and shoot a deer.Sure why not.We went over Monday night to see where it was.The field we were going to hunt was two corn field's with a strip of alfalfa in the middle.It was 605 to the end of the end of the field.Great I thought I'll break out the 300 Ultra and get one at 500 yard's or so.Tuesday morning we pull in and we get set up.When it's light enought to see there are two deer in the field.One at 415 yard's and one at 460.Both were buck's and we could only shoot does.We watched them for about 10 minute's.Then I saw a deer coming out of the corn.I did'nt even range it.I slowly got down on the gun put the crosshair's on her and let one go.She went down like a ton of brick's.The Big 300 did it's job.When I finally did range her I found it to be (get this)a Whopping 33 yard's.I thought I would share this with every body.Maybe it will get a laugh or two.

I guess we'll need to start a ECR forum! (Extremely Close Range)

That's generally how it happens to me too! I'll set up expecting a long shot and discover something is blocking my view through the scope, then when checking to find the close-in obstruction I discover it's a yearling coming up the hill to get a better look at me!

Did the bullet exit the deer?
Want bullets were you using?

I supposed to be going up to PA pretty soon for a large doe cull, depredation thing with a friend on a farm near Breezewood.
Mr King.I am using 220gr Match King's over 91.5gr 0f RL25 and Fed 215 Match Primer's.Velocity is 3100.The MK did exit but there was not as much damage as I would have thought.The hole coming out was about the size of the bottom of a pop can.Is that about what I should expect from the Match King's?That was the first time I used Match King's on deer.She was hit with a double lung shot with about 4500 ft lbs energy.As far a I could see the MK worked as good as any other bullet I've used.
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