Long Range Hunting Scope


Nov 8, 2001
This year I had duplex installed in an older 24x Leupold for long range hunting and am happy. The adjustments are not exactly at one MOA, but are very repeatable. One turn of the knob equils ten minutes, (as opposed to 7.5 or 15)so it is very easy to enter in a desired range adjustment, and that is very good! If I see something I want to shoot at, I use the 'both-eyes-open' method and have the easy to see hair in place very rapidly; a couple of seconds or so...
I have used a 6.5x20, but not side by side with the older 24x, so can't make a comparison. With the 24x it was the crosshair change that made all the difference as far as a hunting scope is concerned. $53.00 and a REAL fast return!
I had used a 24X Leupold for many years but found that the limited field of view and lack of ability to see into dark areas (in the shade of heavy trees) made this scope a real handicap.
I much prefer the 8.5X25 Leupold (or6.5X20) because you can turn the power DOWN. It also helps with reducing apparent heat mirage.
As for brightness or clarity, I have never made a direct comparison but have not been disappointed when switching to the big variables.
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