Long Range Central VA


Jan 4, 2010
Anybody have a range to shoot beyond 400 yards in central VA (near C-ville)? Not looking for anything special...just a long range with a patch or grass to set up on.
In addition to the matches, there are Recreational days where you can pay $10.00 if you are a non-member and shoot for fun. It is BYO target and we begin at 100 yards and move backwards 200-300 yards at a time. You have to come early if you need to establish a zero. These sessions are irregularly spaced being as it depends upon the range being empty and available. During the summer it is common for the range to be tied up for months so it is best to get your load development/goofing off days in early in the year.
Thanks all,

I'm into taking my time with what are basically sporter weight rifles that I've tuned for sub MOA rounds. As such, getting to shoot long ranges would be best if not competing, but more for fun.
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