Long Range Base/Ring Combo


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Dec 24, 2001
Potters Hill, NC
I am cheap but my frugalness finally paid off and hopefully will be of some use to some of ya'll. I've been trying to get my Leupold 6.5-20X50 LRT (30mm) mounted as close as possible to the heavy barrel of my Remington 700P (7Mag), provide decent MOA and not spend $250.00! I've looked/scoured over the internet at every possible combination it seems. Mounts with built-in MOA are not cheap, especially if the manufacturer perceives it as "tactical". What a bunch of hog-wash.
For my Base I chose the Leupold 1-piece Standard Long Range Scope Base, Rem 700 LA Matte (595804). It cost me $24.99 from Midway and according to the literature it provides 20MOA. I had "gotten" away from the STD bases years ago because a Redfield unit that I was using on a Sendero .300WinMag sheared off one of the windage bases during load development. I figured at the time it must be a weak design but have since decided they are very sturdy and work well.
For my Rings I chose Burris 30mm Signature Rings Matte High, (165508). They come with synthetic posi-align inserts for -10, 0 and +10 offsets and cost $53.69. I used the -10 insert in the front ring and +10 insert in the rear ring to gain 20MOA more. I've used these rings before in the 1" variety, with the posi-align kit, and they worked great for building MOA in a .223 Rem that I used to own.
I originally ordered the Medium height rings but soon discovered they were too low. I called Midway and told them my mistake and they said "No problem, fill out the Return Merchandise Form (back of the shipping invoice), include the rings and they would make the swap". I have always liked Midway and I will continue to give them my business.
So for $83.12 I have effectively built 40MOA into my rifle/scope vertical alignment and lowered my scope as low as it can go. I have .0620" (5 business cards) between the barrel and scopes objective bell which is what I like. JohnnyK.
I've watched some slow motion video of what a scope and barrel will do under a decent amount of recoil and IMHO I would be concerned with that close a fit. Let us know whether you see any indications/wear marks where the scope and barrel might be coming into contact.
I've seen that video before. Amazing how that thing can flex like that but I don't think my 7RemMag has quiet the gas that 50BMG does. It's burning alot more powder and pushing quiet a bit more bullet.
After bore sighting at 25yds, I shot mine this evening at 100yds. She seems to be doing just fine. I shot a quick 3-shot group after getting on paper. Light was fading fast and temps were hovering at 40-45 deg.

P.S. That looks like one of those "expensive, Tactical" picatinny rails that's flexing in that video. Maybe he needs another 8-40 screw at the back end of it. :) JohnnyK.
JohnnyK, nice shooting, looks like ya got a winner:) Thanks for letting us know how it worked out for ya.
Thanks Chas1. Yes, she shoots pretty good but fouls quicker than I like. I have to clean it after 20-25 shots down the factory tube.
Here's a target I shot about a week ago (during deer season) to verify my zero on my .300WinMag (top 5shot group) and 7mmRemMag (bottom 5shot group).

Looks like there's no complaining about that 300WM group either. I'm assuming you intentionally aimed high so as to not mix up shot groups. I do that too.
It does shoot good. I usually have my big game rifle(s) set 3-3.25" high at 100yds. According to testing that I have done and JBM this is spot on for a 300yd zero.
I put two red dots on the target, these are my point of aim (POA). Doing it this way saves me a little walking and lets me verify the zeros of more than one rifle. I can concentrate on the POA and let the bullets land where they will and this way they don't mess up my aiming point. When my non-shooting friends or work buddies see my shot groups they never say nice groups, they always ask where was I aiming and then invariable say "you missed". I just give them a look that I hope they know means "I refuse to have a Battle of the Minds with an unarmed man". :) JohnnyK.
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