long action manners elite t2a stock with mini chassis


Nov 15, 2017
I am listing this as used even though it has never had anything fired in it. Reason for this is that I purchased it for a rifle that I sold while I was waiting for it and ended up putting a barreled action it it with a bigger barrel contour so I had to open the barrel channel up to fit a proof research sendero barrel. Then sat in the safe and ended up selling that barreled action as well. Also has 2 small blemishes by recoil lug area from test fitting barreled action which I will include a picture of otherwise stock is in new condition. Stock color is elite tac swamp. Has atlas rail and 1" limsaver pad. Flush cup in rear. Mini chassis is a gen 2 made to accept 338 lapua cip length magazines 1 included with it. Stock was made for Remington 700 long action. Asking $1200 shipped to your door.


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