1. bkshafer

    SOLD/EXPIRED Manners LRH Stock

    I have a Manners Long Range Hunter stock for sale. Remington 700 LA or clone action. Right Hand M24 barrel channel Manners M5 Mini Chassis Atlas BT-34 Picitini Rail Brand new, never used. Purchases from Altus last year for a project build that never happened. Altus Highland Camo $1050...
  2. Runnin N Gunnin

    SOLD/EXPIRED Manners EH-1 SA Gen 2 mini chassis

    Manners EH-1 REM 700 short action with a gen 2 mini chassis in elite Altus sage flats color. This stock is in excellent condition. Two left side flush cups and badger picatinny rail. Contour is for a proof sendero. Building this on manners you’re over $1250 before taxes and shipping. $1050...
  3. Runnin N Gunnin

    WTT Manners EH1 SA gen2 mini chassis for Manners PH SA mini chassis

    I have a like new Manners EH1, short action, gen 2 mini chassis, for proof sendero barrel, stock that I would like to trade for a Manners Pro Hunter short action M5 with a mini chassis in similar condition. I’m having a hard time finding any blemishes to note. Would like to include the badger...
  4. Bjt308

    SOLD/EXPIRED Manners T4A Short action GAP camo

    This stock came off a GA precision Templar V2 short action. Should fit any Remington 700 clone. Barrel channel fits a bartlein #6 contour. Has flush cups left side, right side, and bottom. Also 1 sling swivel stud at the front. Stock has been bedded. Inlet for a badger m5. Stock has been...
  5. P

    SOLD/EXPIRED 7 PRC Terminus Kratos Lite, Proof Carbon, Manners LRH, Triggertech, Hawkins

    I am having to cut back due to a variety of expenses and am selling a couple of my rifles. This is a Terminus Kratos Lite with a 22" 1:8 twist sendero contour Proof Research carbon barrel in 7 PRC with all barrel work done by southern precision rifles (bugholes), Manners LRH LA with mini chassis...
  6. B

    SOLD/EXPIRED Manner T2a stock, intlet for surgeon 591

    Selling my used manners T2A, its inlet for the surgeon 591 and the surgeon m5 bottom metal. Barrel channel appears to have been opened up, it accepts a competition contour barrel. Comes with the surgeon bottom metal and a Henderson arca rail. Stock is used with a couple nicks bit still in great...
  7. P

    SOLD/EXPIRED Nightforce NX8 4-32x50 F1 MIL-C, Hawkins ultralight tactical rings

    This is a barely used Nightforce NX8 4-32x50 F1 scope with MIL-C F1 reticle. I purchased it new from CS tactical last winter and it has only been used at the range. I am selling it because I'm cutting back on some rifles and I had this on a 7 PRC build that I will also be selling. It comes with...
  8. Bergerblaster

    SOLD/EXPIRED Left Hand 6.5x284 Norma

    I hate selling this rifle, but I'm wanting to build something I can use for NRL Hunter. This rifle has less than 200 rounds fired and consistently shoots less than half MOA. I will ship from my FFL to yours. You pay shipping and any insurance. $2,500 -Stiller Predator long Action -Bartlein 3B...
  9. S

    AG composites Alpine Hunter

    Decided to keep one of the rifles I had listed but want to try another stock on it. What's shown in the pics is what's included. Specs - inlet for RH defiance anti x LA - Hawkins M5 dbm - bedded by Dallas @ LPR for defiance anti x - barrel channel will accept up to a carbon 6 carbon magnum...
  10. S

    Custom 300WM (Bartlein barrell, Manners stock)

    Selling my custom 300WM rifle as I have ended up spending most of my time with my other rifles. The rifle is great for long-range precision shooting and hunting. Asking $2000, delivered to your door. All components and work have costed me $3000+. Note: the scope in the pictures is not part of...
  11. vegashelipilot

    Manners PRS-TCS

    Looking for a Manners TCS in high gloss finish, mini chassis, right hand, don't care much about the color.
  12. Jwp2578

    Manners T4A savage LA

    Have a Manners T4A for savage long action Comes with CDI dbm Has some scratches in the paint. $750shipped
  13. Runnin N Gunnin

    SOLD/EXPIRED Manners EH1 Rem 700 LA with Badger M5 DBM and mags

    Manners EH1 for a Remington 700 long action, m5 inlet, proof sendero contour in GAP camo. Two sling studs in front, one in the rear. Flush cups on the front left and rear left side. Badger M5 bottom metal cerakoted with two 5 round AI mags. $1100 obo shipped as a package. Will sell the stock and...
  14. JMD82

    **More Pics** Manners T4A w/ Arca Rail, Mesa BDM, ETC.

    Up for grabs is a Manners T4A in GAP camo for a RH Rem 700 SA. Barrel channel is for M24 contour. Includes a 14" Area419 Arca Rail, Mesa BDM, Wiebad cheek pad, and SAP 2 round holder. Action and BDM area is bedded. The front of the BDM had to be modified so the action screw holes on the rail and...
  15. Runnin N Gunnin

    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington 700 7mm SAUM built by LRI

    This is a fully built 7mm SAUM on a Remington 700 short action that was built by Long Range Inc. This gun has never been fired. It has a Bartlein #4, 1:8 heavy spiral fluted barrel at 26". It's approximately 27 3/16" with brake. The barrel was fluted by Kampfeld Customs. All the gunsmithing work...
  16. redchinviking

    Black Friday 300 RUM GAP

    For sale is a custom 300 RUM built by GA precision that includes the following: Defiance Deviant Hunter nitrated/fluted Proof research 26" carbon 10:1 twist Manners T5 Elite carbon, Badger Ordnance BDL cerakote Wyatt's extended Mag box Jewel trigger Terminator T3 5 port side brake Comes in...
  17. L

    Manners T4A LH Defiance XM - Elite Midnight

    For Sale: $750 shipped Manners T4A in Elite Midnight for a LH Defiance XM action. -the stock has been bedded -includes Hawkins M5 DBM - XM -Inflection Design 10 RD magazine Length of Pull: 14" -accept PP, MO, check Also post on my SH account...
  18. W

    Manners Eh1

    Manners Eh1 w/ mini chassis, rem 700 short action inlet, right hand, Inletted for M5 bottom metal. (Not included) $800 plus ship
  19. specter29

    SOLD/EXPIRED Custom 338 SS Rifle and NightForce Scope Package

    For sale 338 Sherman Shortmag original rifle was a 300 winchester magnum built by Ryan Pierce Nick at StraightJacket Armory Rebarreled it with a Proof Barrel to a long throated 338 Sherman Shortmag 24" proof barrel 1:9.4 twist Peircision self timing brake Manners EH1 stock Stiller Predator...
  20. C

    Manners eh6

    Manners mcs-eh6 Inlet for Stiller predator long action and stiller Bdm detachable standard mag barrel channel will take up to #3 contour was not bedded stock is a year old and great condition. 28oz $500 tyd